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# (C) Copyright 2003-2005 Nuxeo SARL <http://nuxeo.com>
# Authors:
# Florent Guillaume <fg@nuxeo.com>
# Encolpe DEGOUTE <edegoute@nuxeo.com>
# M.-A. Darche <madarche@nuxeo.com>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published
# by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
# 02111-1307, USA.
# $Id: Widget.py 30974 2005-12-26 16:20:47Z fguillaume $

Abstract base classes for widgets, graphical representation of data.

Widget is the base widget class
An instance w of it is parametrized, notably by one or several field names.
It can then be rendered by passing it a datastructure.

from zLOG import LOG, DEBUG
from Persistence import Persistent
from Globals import InitializeClass, DTMLFile
from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo

from Products.CMFCore.utils import SimpleItemWithProperties
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName
from Products.CMFCore.permissions import ManagePortal
from Products.CMFCore.Expression import Expression, getEngine
from Products.CMFCore.Expression import SecureModuleImporter

from Products.CPSUtil.PropertiesPostProcessor import PropertiesPostProcessor
from Products.CPSSchemas.DataModel import WriteAccessError

from zope.interface import implements
from zope.interface import implementedBy
from Products.CPSSchemas.interfaces import IWidget

def widgetname(id):
    """Return the name of the widget as used in HTML forms."""
    return 'widget__' + id

00055 class Widget(PropertiesPostProcessor, SimpleItemWithProperties):
    """Basic Widget Class.

    A widget is used as a component of a layout, to display or receive
    input for some data.

    A widget is responsible for turning one or several basic data types
    from a datastructure into a visible representation, and doing the
    opposite when input is received. When rendering, the widget has
    access to the datastructure to render but also to the datamodel to
    be able to render available choices in a vocabulary for instance.

    A widget can be "rendered" in several modes, the basic ones are:

      - view: the standard rendering view,

      - edit: the standard editing view,

      - modify: a pseudo-view that parses user input into the

    A widget may have some additional parameters that describe certain
    aspects of its graphical representation or behavior.

    security = ClassSecurityInfo()

    _propertiesBaseClass = SimpleItemWithProperties
    _properties = (
        {'id': 'title', 'type': 'string', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Title'},
        {'id': 'fields', 'type': 'tokens', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Fields'},
        {'id': 'is_required', 'type': 'boolean', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Required widget'},
        {'id': 'label', 'type': 'string', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Label in view layout mode'},
        {'id': 'label_edit', 'type': 'string', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Label in edit layout mode'},
        {'id': 'description', 'type': 'text', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Description'},
        {'id': 'help', 'type': 'text', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Help'},
        {'id': 'is_i18n', 'type': 'boolean', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Label is i18n'},
        # layout mode
        {'id': 'readonly_layout_modes', 'type': 'tokens', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Read-only in layout modes'},
        {'id': 'hidden_layout_modes', 'type': 'tokens', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Hidden in layout modes'},
        {'id': 'hidden_readonly_layout_modes', 'type': 'tokens', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Hidden if readonly in layout modes'},
        {'id': 'hidden_empty', 'type': 'boolean', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'Hidden if empty'},
        {'id': 'hidden_if_expr', 'type': 'text', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': "Hidden if (TALES)"},
        {'id': 'widget_mode_expr', 'type': 'text', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': "Widget mode (TALES)"},
        # CSS
        {'id': 'css_class', 'type': 'string', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'CSS class for view'},
        {'id': 'css_class_expr', 'type': 'text', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': "CSS class (TALES)"},
        # JavaScript
        {'id': 'javascript_expr', 'type': 'text', 'mode': 'w',
         'label': 'JavaScript (TALES)'},

    fields = []
    is_required = 0
    label = ''
    label_edit = ''
    description = ''
    help = ''
    is_i18n = 0
    css_class = ''
    readonly_layout_modes = []
    hidden_layout_modes = []
    hidden_readonly_layout_modes = []
    hidden_empty = 0
    hidden_if_expr = ''
    widget_mode_expr = ''
    css_class_expr = ''
    javascript_expr = ''

    field_types = []
    field_inits = [] # default settings for fields created in flexible mode
                     # using the same order as in field_types

    hidden_if_expr_c = None
    widget_mode_expr_c = None
    css_class_expr_c = None
    javascript_expr_c = None

    _properties_post_process_tales = (
        ('hidden_if_expr', 'hidden_if_expr_c'),
        ('widget_mode_expr', 'widget_mode_expr_c'),
        ('css_class_expr', 'css_class_expr_c'),
        ('javascript_expr', 'javascript_expr_c'),

    has_input_area = False

    def __init__(self, id, **kw):

00163     def getWidgetId(self):
        """Get this widget's id."""
        id = self.getId()
        if hasattr(self, 'getIdUnprefixed'):
            # Inside a FolderWithPrefixedIds.
            return self.getIdUnprefixed(id)
            # Standalone field.
            return id

00174     def getHtmlWidgetId(self):
        """Get the html-form version of this widget's id."""
        return widgetname(self.getWidgetId())

    # Widget access control
00181     def _createExpressionContext(self, datamodel, layout_mode):
        """Create an expression context for expression evaluation.

        Used for hidden_if_expr, widget_mode_expr and css_class_expr.
        wftool = getToolByName(self, 'portal_workflow')
        portal = getToolByName(self, 'portal_url').getPortalObject()
        proxy = datamodel._proxy
        if proxy is not None:
            review_state = wftool.getInfoFor(proxy, 'review_state', None)
            review_state = None
        data = {
            'widget': self,
            'datamodel': datamodel,
            'user': datamodel._acl_cache_user,
            'nothing': None,
            'context': datamodel._context,
            'portal': portal,
            'modules': SecureModuleImporter,
            'proxy': proxy,
            'portal_workflow': wftool,
            'review_state': review_state,
            'layout_mode': layout_mode,
        return getEngine().getContext(data)

00209     def _isReadOnly(self, datamodel):
        """Return true if the widget is read-only.

        This checks the managed fields for write access.
            for field_id in self.fields:
        except WriteAccessError:
            return 1
            return 0

00223     def isReadOnly(self, datamodel, layout_mode):
        """Return true if the widget is read-only in the layout_mode."""
        if layout_mode in self.readonly_layout_modes:
            return 1
        return self._isReadOnly(datamodel)

00230     def getModeFromLayoutMode(self, layout_mode, datamodel):
        """Get the mode for this widget."""
        if layout_mode in self.hidden_layout_modes:
            return 'hidden'
        if self.hidden_if_expr_c:
            # Creating the context used to evaluate the TALES expression
            expr_context = self._createExpressionContext(datamodel, layout_mode)
            if self.hidden_if_expr_c(expr_context):
                return 'hidden'
        if self.widget_mode_expr_c:
            # Creating the context used to evaluate the TALES expression
            expr_context = self._createExpressionContext(datamodel, layout_mode)
            mode = self.widget_mode_expr_c(expr_context)
            if mode:
                return mode
        readonly = None
        if layout_mode in self.hidden_readonly_layout_modes:
            readonly = self.isReadOnly(datamodel, layout_mode)
            if readonly:
                return 'hidden'
        if layout_mode.startswith('view'):
            return 'view'
        if (layout_mode.startswith('edit') or
            layout_mode.startswith('create') or
            if readonly is None:
                readonly = self.isReadOnly(datamodel, layout_mode)
            if readonly:
                return 'view'
                return 'edit'
        raise ValueError("Unknown layout mode '%s'" % layout_mode)

00264     def getCssClass(self, layout_mode, datamodel):
        """Get the css class for this widget.

        The returned css class is to be used in the HTML rendering of a widget.

        A widget handles two properties, named css_class and
        css_class_expr. css_class is simply the name of the class to
        use. css_class_expr is an expression that can be used to generate a
        dynamic css class. If css_class_expr is used, css_class property is

        If none of these properties is specified, or if the expression returns
        None, no class is returned.

        In create or edit mode, if the css_class property is used, the class
        returned is the class name suffixed by 'Edit'.
        This is because in create and edit mode one usually doesn't want the
        widgets to have the same appearance that they have in view
        mode. Actually in create and edit mode one prefers to have all the
        widgets with the same neutral presentation.

        The css_class_expr namespace gives access to the layout mode, so this
        default behaviour does not apply to computed css classes.
        if self.css_class_expr_c:
            # Create the context used to evaluate the TALES expression
            expr_context = self._createExpressionContext(datamodel, layout_mode)
            css_class_computed = self.css_class_expr_c(expr_context)
            if css_class_computed:
                css_class = css_class_computed
                css_class = ''
            css_class = self.css_class
            # XXX AT: do not append 'Edit' if css class is computed because
            # user has access to the layout mode in the namespace, and is able
            # to control this behaviour more precisely
            if css_class and layout_mode in ('create', 'edit'):
                css_class = css_class + 'Edit'

        return css_class

00307     def getJavaScriptCode(self, layout_mode, datamodel):
        """Get the JavaScript code to display in the widget rendering.

        If the javascript_expr property is not set, return an empty string.
        js_code = ''
        if self.javascript_expr_c:
            # Create the context used to evaluate the TALES expression
            expr_context = self._createExpressionContext(datamodel, layout_mode)
            js_code_computed = self.javascript_expr_c(expr_context)
            if js_code_computed:
                js_code = js_code_computed
        return js_code

    # May be overloaded.
00326     def getFieldTypes(self):
        """Get the types of the fields for this widget.

        Used by dynamic widget creation to create its needed fields.
        return self.field_types

    def getFieldInits(self):
        nb_field = len(self.getFieldTypes())
        if len(self.field_inits) == nb_field:
            return self.field_inits
        # return empty inits
        return None

    # To be implemented by widget concrete classes.
00344     def prepare(self, datastructure, **kw):
        """Prepare datastructure from datamodel."""
        raise NotImplementedError

00348     def validate(self, datastructure, **kw):
        """Validate datastructure and update datamodel."""
        raise NotImplementedError

00352     def render(self, mode, datastructure, **kw):
        """Render in mode from datastructure."""
        raise NotImplementedError


00359 class CPSWidget(Widget):
    """Persistent Widget."""


    meta_type = "CPS Widget"

    security = ClassSecurityInfo()

00369     def isHidden(self):
        """Check if the widget is hidden

        Hidden widget are used as template to create flexible widgets.

        Returns true if the widget is hidden.
        return (self.fields and self.fields[0] == '?')

00379     def hide(self):
        """Hide the widget.

        A hidden widget is not displayed or validated, it is used in flexible
        mode to produce new widgets.
        self.fields = ['?']


addCPSWidgetForm = DTMLFile('zmi/widget_addform', globals())

def addCPSWidget(container, id, REQUEST=None):
    """Add a CPS Widget."""
    ob = CPSWidget(id)
    container._setObject(id, ob)
    ob = container._getOb(id)
    if REQUEST is not None:
        REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(ob.absolute_url() + "/manage_main")

00402 class WidgetRegistry:
    """Registry of the available widgets.

    def __init__(self):
        self._widget_meta_types = []
        self._widget_classes = {}

00410     def register(self, class_):
        """Register a widget class.
        meta_type = class_.meta_type
        self._widget_classes[meta_type] = class_

        # Five-like registration, will move to ZCML later
        import Products
        info = {'name': meta_type,
                'action': '',
                'product': 'CPSSchemas',
                'permission': ManagePortal,
                'visibility': None,
                'interfaces': tuple(implementedBy(class_)),
                'instance': class_,
                'container_filter': None}
        Products.meta_types += (info,)

00430     def listWidgetMetaTypes(self):
        """Return the list of widget meta types.
        return list(self._widget_meta_types)

00435     def getClass(self, meta_type):
        """Get the class for a widget of the given meta type.
        return self._widget_classes[meta_type]

00440     def BBB_register_widget_type(self, class_):
        """BBB code so that old widget types can still be imported.

        Creates an empty class CPSxyzWidgetType in the same module
        as the class.

        Will be removed in CPS 3.4.1.
        module = __import__(class_.__module__, globals(), globals(),
        name = class_.__name__+'Type'
        if name in module.__dict__:
        code = "class %s(Persistent): cls = None" % name
        glob = {'Persistent': Persistent}
        eval(compile(code, 'CPSSchemas/Widget.py', 'exec'), glob)
        setattr(module, name, glob[name])

# Singleton
widgetRegistry = WidgetRegistry()

# BBB compatibility code, will be removed in CPS 3.4.1
class CPSWidgetType(Persistent):
    cls = None

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