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def CPSDirectory::MembersDirectory::MemberStorageAdapter::_getFieldData (   self,
  member = None 
) [private]

Get data from one field.

Definition at line 332 of file MembersDirectory.py.

00332                                                          :
        """Get data from one field."""
        dir = self._dir
        if field_id == dir.id_field:
            value = self._id
        elif field_id == dir.password_field:
            value = NO_PASSWORD
        elif field_id == dir.roles_field:
            value = self._getMemberRoles(member)
        elif field_id == dir.groups_field:
            value = self._getMemberGroups(member)
            value = member.getProperty(field_id, _marker)
            if value is _marker:
                value = field.getDefault()
        return value

    def _setData(self, data, **kw):

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