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def CPSSchemas::DataModel::DataModel::_fetch (   self  )  [private]

Fetch the data into local dict for user access.

Definition at line 258 of file DataModel.py.

00258                     :
        """Fetch the data into local dict for user access."""
        data = self.data
        fields = self._fields
        for adapter in self._adapters:
        for field_id, value in data.items():
            if value is DEFAULT_VALUE_MARKER:
                # Default values are dirty because they have
                # to be considered changed by the user
                # (and written, and used for dependent computations)
                field = fields[field_id]
                data[field_id] = field.getDefault(self)
                self.dirty[field_id] = 1

    def _setEditable(self):

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