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##parameters=type_name, datamodel
# $Id: createCPSDocument_cb.py 27501 2005-09-21 16:19:35Z atchertchian $
Callback to create an empty object with the context as a container.

Datamodel may be examined to create a suitable id.

Call notifyCPSDocumentCreation script

Returns the created object. In CPS, returns the proxy (which is
the only thing the user sees).

id = datamodel.get('Title')
if not id:
    id = 'my ' + type_name

language = datamodel.get('Language')
if not language:
    language = context.translation_service.getSelectedLanguage()

id = context.computeId(compute_from=id)

# datamodel is passed so that flexti can initialize the object.
context.invokeFactory(type_name, id, datamodel=datamodel, language=language)
ob = getattr(context, id)


return ob

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